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Gain complete visibility into a rep’s learning style and skill gaps. Identify the most effective trainings to reach full quota faster.

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Loop's Key Benefits

50% Faster Ramp

to Full Quota

33% Higher Revenue

in 1st Quarter by New Sales Reps

75% Gain in Efficiency

in 1st Month for New Sales Reps

How Loop’s Learning Data Platform Works

Loop captures your rep learning across all your tools and alerts you to the most effective strategies to ramp reps faster. Here’s how it works:

Why Sales Leaders
love Loop

Understand your rep

Every rep learns differently.

Yet, most companies train them with one-size fit all models.

View enriched learning profiles for each rep that show key skill/knowledge competencies, trainings attended, and revenue performance.

90% of Managers Report Efficiency Gains

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Connect Training to Revenue

Still using surveys and certifications to measure training?

Sync all your training data (Gong, LMS, Zoom) with SalesForce metrics.

Analyze which trainings lead to higher quota attainment and faster deal cycles.

25% Reduction in Low-Performing Sales Reps

Personalize Coaching

Struggling to teach a rep how to close deals?

Capture insights about a rep’s learning style (audio, video, peer, reading, writing).

Loop alerts you to the best techniques that worked for your highest performing reps with that learning style.

50% improvement in win rates for sales reps

50% Improvement in Win Rates for New Sales Reps in 1st Quarter

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AI-Driven Training Insights for Each Rep

Get alerted with unique, personalized training strategies that have worked with your best reps with similar learning styles.

360-View of a Rep

View your rep’s training and revenue performance in one dashboard. Track your rep’s activity across your LMS, Gong/Chorus, Zoom sessions, and SalesForce. 

Measure the pre and post-impact of Trainings

See the impact of a training on any revenue metric: 20 days before and 20 days after.

Popular Use Cases

Tracking training completion across multiple tools

Spend less time making spreadsheets. Instead, sync each rep’s training automatically from your favorite tools: LMS, Gong/Chorus, Zoom.

Compare Multiple Trainings

Correlate any training with any revenue metric. Then, view up to 10 trainings alongside one another to see which trainings moved the needle the most.

Monitor ramping progress

Set ramp goals and leading revenue indicators. Connect revenue metrics to key skill/knowledge competencies. Analyze everything in real-time.

Assess skill/knowledge proficiency

Rate any rep on skill/knowledge competencies. Auto-sync LMS/Certification data. Analyze what differentiates a “5 out 5” in prospecting from a “3 out of 5” across all your tools.

Identify best practices for 1x1 coaching

Use AI-suggested strategies to train each rep based on your highest performing reps with similar learning styles.

Measure the impact of Product Feature Rollouts

Quickly test if reps performed better on any revenue metric 20 days after any rollout (product, sales messaging). Run A/B tests to see if specific trainings landed more effectively.

Insights in Minutes

We connect directly to your favorite apps. No internal technical resources required.

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